COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Status

Worship will be on Zoom only, via the link below, through Sunday, February 27 as we wait for the Omicron wave to subside. Please check back for updates about plans and protocol in the coming weeks after that.

Otherwise, we are currently gathering weekly for in-person worship Sundays at 10:30 am. You may also join our worship service on Zoom via the link below.

Use this link to join from your computer or smart device:

Or call in on your phone using audio only: 929-205-6099; enter Meeting ID 472 784 772 and Passcode 116016

If you choose to join us for in-person worship, we will do our best to keep you safe and healthy! This includes certain modifications to worship and guidelines that all attendees will be expected to follow. We will have singing, and we will have fellowship time with food and drink after the worship service. We will not yet have nursery available at this time, but will reassess as we go on.

Please love your neighbor by adhering to the following guidelines to keep us all safe, including immunocompromised individuals, children and adults who haven’t been able to get vaccinated, and those of us who are vaccinated but care for otherwise vulnerable children or adults and don’t want to pass anything on.


If you are over the age of 2, please wear your mask, regardless of vaccination status! When the expectations are the same for everyone, it’s easier to be hospitable to everyone who enters our space.
There are some exceptions, as follow:
• Vaccinated worship leaders such as preacher, Scripture reader, and choir, may remove their mask while actively leading worship.
• In small groups (such as choir rehearsal or Bible study) where everyone verbally acknowledges being vaccinated, masks may be removed.
• During fellowship time after worship, masks may be removed while eating/drinking, but must be worn while not eating/drinking.
• When communion is served in worship, masks may be removed briefly to partake of the elements.


Please keep the standard 6 feet of distance between you and anyone who isn’t in your family group – again, regardless of vaccination status! This includes gathering and greeting before and after the service. We hope that there will be a time for hugging and shaking hands one of these days – but not yet.
When you sit down in the sanctuary, please leave two empty seats in a row between family groups, and at least one empty seat directly to the front and back.


First things first – please don’t come to in-person worship if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or any reason to believe you’ve been exposed. This is what Zoom is for!!
When you arrive at church, you will be greeted in the narthex by a volunteer. This person will take your name and contact info, if we don’t already have it, for contact tracing purposes if needed. They will also take your temperature and ask you to verbally acknowledge that you haven’t been exposed to COVID-19 and that you don’t have any of the following symptoms:

• Fever (100 degrees or higher)
• Chills
• Cough
• Shortness of breath
• Loss of taste or smell
• Headache
• Body/muscle aches
• Sore throat
• Congestion or runny nose, non-allergy
• Nausea or vomiting
• Diarrhea


Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance to the sanctuary and in the fellowship hall – we encourage you to use it. In addition, please follow normal hygiene rules like washing your hands well after using the bathroom or wiping your nose (this guideline applies always, not just during a pandemic!)
You will also be asked to help wipe down any high-touch surfaces such as armrests, chairs and tables at the end of the service/fellowship time. A volunteer will oversee this process to make sure that relevant areas get wiped.