Our Story


Arlington Temple UMC

Arlington Temple: an oasis in the bustle of Rosslyn

Our Story

Arlington Temple United Methodist Church began with a vision of becoming a “gathering place” for the Rosslyn Community. As Rosslyn emerged as a business community in the 1970’s, the founders of Arlington Temple saw the community changing and envisioned themselves as both a church and a community center---reflecting the Old Testament concept of a temple. Today, Rosslyn is changing again, becoming a place where people both live and work, play and connect with God.

Built on land donated by William Ames, Arlington Temple opened its doors in 1971. Arlington Temple may be the only church in the nation built on top of a gas station. Lease income from the facility means that all donations go directly to ministry and mission. Arlington Temple is changing with the neighborhood, recently renovating our facility so that we can provide relevant, passionate, and life-changing worship in our sanctuary. Our racially and ethnically diverse congregation knows what it is like to move into a neighborhood and want to find a community to grow in your faith, connect with God, and serve others. Our small and vital congregation provides a spiritual “home base” for people in Rosslyn---many of whom are new to the area (or even the country) and may be here for only a short time. Arlington Temple can help you find community and equip you for the next stage in your life’s journey.