Our Mission


Arlington Temple UMC

Our Mission

The mission of Arlington Temple United Methodist Church is to be a welcoming community called by Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and equipped to go out as God's people in the world.

Many know us as "the church above the gas station" in Rosslyn, right by the Rosslyn Metro. But at Arlington Temple United Methodist Church, we see ourselves as a mustard seed: we may appear small on the outside, but God does mighty things in and through us.

Our congregation is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural faith community, with a range of ages increasingly reflecting the Rosslyn community.

Located in the heart of busy urban Rosslyn, Arlington Temple opens its doors to a wide variety of community, musical, and artistic groups.

Through weekly worship and small group meetings, people are fed and prepared to "go out to be God's people in the world."

Every day, we feed our homeless neighbors with a food basket from the food pantry. On Wednesday mornings, we offer a Bible study along with a breakfast of bagels or muffins, orange juice, and coffee. Our goal is to build relationships of trust with homeless neighbors and help connect them to other organizations which give them a hand up into jobs, housing, and mental health and abuse counseling, as needed. We provide office space to the Arlington Street People's Assistance Network so an outreach worker can be based here full-time.

We serve our community in a variety of ways, and each summer, we send a team of youth and adults to Appalachia for a week of home-repair mission.