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Care and Support

Prayer Ministry

We believe that daily prayer connects us to God and keeps us walking in God’s steps. Our prayer room (just to the right as you enter the church) is open during the day to all who want to connect with God. People from the community actively use this room as a place to find refreshment and connection with God.

We share our joys and concerns each week in worship and pray for each other. We also pray for each other during the week. Prayer requests may be sent out as part of our weekly e-note (they will not be shared publicly unless that is the stated wish of the person whose prayer it is.)

Pastor Allie is also available to listen and to pray with you. Email her ( for an appointment to make sure she is available when you come by.

Request a Prayer

Prayer request forms are in the sanctuary, prayer room, and upstairs chapel. You may also request a prayer by e-mailing the pastor, or calling the church office.